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Because you have an alluring CV/resume does not ensure that anybody will see it. Our CV forwarding services will convey your CV/resume to UAE and Pakistan spotters, and bosses effectively looking for new talent in all fields. CV appropriation does not mean messaging your CV to a huge number of bosses or enrollment specialists. We do keep up refreshed key contact databases and it does present your CV legitimately to individuals responsible for contracting. Our email database incorporates free zone organizations, privately owned businesses, selection representatives, government and semi-government, key contact people, HR chefs, entrepreneurs, and leaders in different associations. Our email servers are worked with spam insurance innovation ensuring that your CV is sent straightforwardly to your inbox and not spam envelopes. The benefits of these CV forwarding services are unfathomable.

CV Forwarding Services UAE & Pakistan

UAE Database
AED: 100/-
  • 400000 Addresses
  • Responsive Front End
  • 30 Days Validity
Pakistan Database
PKR: 2500/-
  • 535000 Addresses
  • Responsive Front-End
  • 30 Days Validity

Requirements for CV Forwarding:

  1. CV in Word / PDF Format
  2. Covering Later (Text Based)
  3. Sender Name
  4. Reply Email Address
  5. Subject for Email
  6. Schedule Date For Marketing

Terms of Service

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group has the privilege to discontinue any campaign due to non-payment of any associates.

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group notable to run any campaign of Political Party or any Religion.

Validity of all packages is 30 Days.

All emails sent from the Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group System will include the message “This email send by Syed’s Marketing Company – Responsible only for Email Marketing Activity”, or a variation thereof at the end of the email, this will include a link of Syed’s Marketing Website & Logo

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group will not be responsible if any client does not receive any response to the CV Forwarding

We are not generating email report or email statistics of any campaign

Syed’s Marketing / Syed’s Group not allow anyone / any company to use their domain name or domain based email address on any email or content of email, We will not responsible if domain or hosting server IP address show in blacklist in any RBL due to email marketing activity

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